anthony burr/jennifer reeves

light mood work disorder/he walked away

A live collaboration between noted experimental filmmaker jennifer reeves and musician anthony burr, performed with up to 4 projectors, live electronics and bass clarinet. This program was first performed in dundee scotland in february 2006 as part of the festival kill your timid notion. The two works are performed as a single whole, bridged by a musical interlude.

Light Mood Work Disorder

Film artist Jennifer Reeves and musician Anthony Burr collaborated to make this live film and music performance, which mixes and subverts symbols of science, industry, medicine and madness. Up to 4 screens and 4 channels of multi-layered music immerse the audience in colorful rhythmic molecular forms, morphing frequencies and visual textures, which are broken down to the particle level. Found images from the 20th century educational films are literally sewn together with melted down pharmaceuticals affixed directly to the film, and form a concentrated fusion with pulsating electronic sounds, bass clarinet and organ. Illustrations of synapses, dendrites, electromagnetic waveforms and assembly-lines both create and describe the movement of the sound and light waves that envelop the audience. As the performance ensues, the intensity builds to a point of irresistible danger and rupture.

He Walked Away

A double-projection film made for live music, He Walked Away reframes and layers shots and outtakes from earlier Reeves films on landscape, portraiture and direct-on-film work (Configuration 20, Fear of Blushing, The Time We Killed). The score composed by Anthony Burr was intended to be paired with that of Light Work Mood Disorder and recasts the same austere harmonic material of that work in a more explicitly "musically" coded framework.

"Much in the way musicians will mine their previous compositions to create evolved new works (acknowledging shifting personal perspectives or the changing shape of culture), HE WALKED AWAYis a distinct work that holds a nostalgic story of what my eyes have witnessed in 10 years: the discoveries, losses and growing pains I now see as beautiful and essential."
-Jennifer Reeves