Morton Feldman
Patterns in a Chromatic Field (1981)

for cello and piano
80 minutes

Charles Curtis, cello
Aleck Karis, piano

Among Feldman's most complex and enigmatic scores, marked by alternations of breathless speed with stasis, abrupt changes in texture and mood, and an atmosphere of profound lamentation. Feldman compared the slight microtonality in the cello writing to the natural dyes in antique carpets: the slight variations in hue and intensity cause the entire "chromatic field" of a carpet to shimmer. The acclaimed CD by Curtis and Karis on Tzadik Records was one of the top ten classical CD's of 2004 in Britain's Wire magazine.

The concert takes place in a Tribeca carpet gallery with a special hanging of antique Anatolian textiles, an art form of lifelong interest to Morton Feldman.

December 14 / Wednesday at 9
Double Knot Rug Gallery
13 White Street (between Sixth Avenue and West Broadway)
free admission