La Monte Young Marian Zazeela

Just Charles & Cello in The Romantic Chord (2002-2005)
in a setting of Abstract #1 (2003) from Quadrilateral Phase Angle Traversals with Dream Light

for solo cello, pre-recorded cello drones and light projection
3 hours, 30 minutes

An extraordinary solo of more than three hours continuous length, and the only solo work composed by La Monte Young for a performer other than himself. Combining elements of Young's magnum opus The Well-Tuned Piano with raga and Dream Music, and a beautiful, subtly changing light projection by Marian Zazeela, this is one of the definitive statements of these great artists' work. Charles Curtis is the leading intepreter of Young's music; in performance he realizes the highly abstract just intonation interval ratios with unprecedented precision. Of Curtis' premiere performance at the MaerzMusik festival in Berlin 2004, Wire magazine writes: "Playing to a hypnotic cello drone issuing from the loudspeakers beside him, he built up a shimmering minimalistic tableau that made for compulsive listening throughout his three hour performance."

These performances represent the American avant-premiere, following World Premieres and performances in Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Dijon and Polling, Germany.

December 3, 10, 17 / Saturdays at 8
MELA Foundation Dream House
275 Church Street (between Franklin and White)
$24 / $18