Eliane Radigue
Naldjorlak (2005)

for solo cello
65 minutes

Created in close collaboration with Charles Curtis, Naldjorlak is the first entirely acoustic composition by a composer who has pioneered pure electronic sound for over thirty years. Delicate in its dynamic range, the work explores highly diffuse bowed textures that defy perceptual focus; the hidden, untamed ur-sonority of the cello is revealed as a deeply unstable and complex source. The Tibetan title refers to the motion of all life toward unity; in a seamlessly interwoven three-part structure, the audible shape mirrors the geography of the cello.

The New York Times describes Eliane Radigue's music as "a steady stream of sonic activity taking place right at the edge of one's perception". Qualities of intense concentration, focus and selflessness inform the spirituality of all of Radigue's work.

World Premiere Performance

December 5 / Monday at 9
Tenri Cultural Institute
43A West 13th Street (between Sixth and Fifth Avenues)
$12 / $9